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Within the application there are mandatory (marked with a *) and non-mandatory fields. Your application cannot be submitted until all mandatory fields have been completed.

If you wish to exit the application form and revisit it at another time, or simply prefer to save as you go along, you can use the 'Save & return' button that is available to you from the 2nd page on. This generates a unique passcode which is sent to your email (as entered below on this page) so you can access your application and complete it later - or you can return to your application immediately.

Data protection

New Look will use the information you give us to process your application in line with Data Protection legislation. Your equal opportunities data will only be used to report and monitor our diversity - we will not use this to make recruitment decisions and the recruiter screening your application won't be able to see the equal opportunities responses you provide.

Diversity Monitoring

It’s quite natural to feel protective of your personal information. It’s not only natural, it’s sensible. For clarification and comfort, any data that you provide will be stored anoymously on a secure system. We will use this data for diversity and inclusion modelling and reporting purposes so we can better understand our applicants and make any necessary recommendations on initiatives, projects / programmes to encourage diversity and help us become a more inclusive workplace. If you have any concerns or questions please contact

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We ask about your parent/s to help us understand the socio-economic background of our prospective and current employees to encourage social mobility. Currently, socio-economic background is not a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, but we fundamentally believe that it is a critical element of diversity that we are keen to monitor and improve across New Look.

We know that people have a range of family backgrounds so we ask you to focus on the parent/s who you mainly grew up with from age 11 to 16. This might include natural (birth) parents, adoptive parents, step-parents, foster parents or legal guardians. We also ask that you please answer the following question in relation to the parent, step-parent or guardian who earned the most. If the individual is now retired or unemployed, then please give their most recent occupation.